Best Attractions in Destin, FL

Discover more things to do while visiting the area right here. From water, land to air, there are plenty of fun things to do while visiting Destin. For a complete list, check out Destin Attractions Guide for all things to do in the area.

Charter Boat Fishing

There are many ways to charter a boat while visiting Destin. Book a private trip or join a shared charter boat if you don't want to spend a lot. Visit Destin Charter Fishing Trips for more info.
Destin fl charter boats

dolphin cruises

Find flipper on a Destin Harbor Dolphin Cruise. Checkout Dolphin Cruises destin fl for more info.
dolphin Tours in destin florida

Scooter Rentals

Scooters a cool way to get around town and surrounding neighborhoods. Checkout Scooters in Destin Florida for more info.
find a scooter in destin fl

Kayak Rentals

Rent a kayak at your condo or go the Destin harbor and take off. A fun way to explore the area waters. Visit Kayaking Destin FL for more info.
kayaks in destin fl

Banana Boat Rides

Ride the banana boat in Destin for an extreme sport adventure. Visit Destin banana boating for more info.
banana boating in destin florida


Fly high on an exhilirating adventure when you go parasailing in Destin. Visit Destin Parasailing Trips for more info.
parasailing info in destin

Bike Rentals

Rent a bike in Destin and be more mobile on the scenic roads and pathways. Visit Destin Florida Bicycle Rentals for more info.
bike rentals of destin fl

Sailing Charters

Book a private sailing charter for a family fun adventure in the Gulf of Mexico. Visit at Destin Harbor Sailing Charters for more info.
sailin boats destin fl

Party Boat Fishing

Book an affordable fishing charter out of the Destin Harbor. Party boat is when you fish in a group. Visit Party Boat Fishing in Destin FL for more info.
party boat fishing

Beach Photography

Don't forget the memories of your vacations and hire a local destin photographer. Check out Photography Sessions in Destin FL for more info.
beach photography in destin

Waverunner & Jet Ski Rentals

Ride fast waverunners around the Destin Harbor and East Pass. Check out Waverunner Rentals Destin for more info.
jet skis in destin florida

Shark Fishing

Try something different in Destin and catch a huge shark! Visit Shark charters Destin FL for more info.
destin shark fishing

Golf Cart Rentals

There are easier ways to get to the beach. Rent a street legal golf cart and make your visit to the beach smooth. Learn More at Street Legal Cart Rentals in Destin for more info.
street legal cart rentals

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Rent a Pontoon Boat and visit the favorite Crab Island or cruise the Bay. Visit Destin Pontoon Rental for more info.